Wednesday, November 13, 2013

30L Winter is Coming

Hi, Hi, Everyone....

So, here we go, right now I have 6 projects going on. 3 Commissions of which stretch 3 generes and 3 awesome winter, yule, christmas fairs we will be partaking in.

Right now my sister and I have settled on what we are creating for Winter is Coming. I can't begin to tell you how awesome the inviting team is making this fair.  Designers of which are giving their wares at a bold 30L in gachas! You heard me right GACHA!

We are all pushing the limits of our creativity and hopefully, you will be not only impressed but ready to drop Linden. What a way not only to collect beautiful pieces of art.

But the ability to trade, and give beautiful presents.

I'm taking some pics here of what I am doing for the first of these.

Remember, this is a sneaky peeky!!!!


22-26th of NOVEMBER

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