Thursday, November 21, 2013

Winter is Coming (WHATZ) a funny

Ok, I am going to deviate from my story... because I couldn't help myself.  This year has been brought with an amount of sorrow for me that has shadowed me.  However, and through it all I have to see the good.

I have amazing partners in SL and in RL.

I have two amazing kids, who even at this stage in their lives are awesome.

I have Rivey who might as well be my RL sister, who comes to see me any saturday she can

I have a new kitten, who nips if I even try to get out of bed.

Then, to say the least I have made new friends in SL. One of which is Titania, the creator of Whatz, who seems to wear many hats.

I shot this pic while she wasn't paying attention and because I forgot to add it to the post last night, well their is definately something in the picture she didn't see... hmm... who is that?

30L Winter is Coming ~
Style Card: 
Skin:         [HUSH] Lily - Seduce - Ravish (mb)
Shape:      My Own
Brow:       [Hush] Lily - Brow Shape
Hair:         .:EMO-tions:. * FLORA*/black
Eyes:        My own setting within  - FATEeyes v2.0
Dress:      whatz karma green 01 (Winter is Coming)
Dress:      whatz karma purple 01 (Winter is Coming)
Camsilk:   whatz restricted S (Winter is Coming)
Collar:       whatz all mine - copper
Pose:        KaTink Runway - Dress 71
Pose:        Open Collar - Nadu
Backdrop: Winter is Coming Event

Choker:    Kitty Girl Collar (Commissioned by the Man behind me, for me)

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