Friday, November 22, 2013

Winter is Here and I....(UI, OrsiniSun, Sweet Revolutions, LUAS, Whatz, Decadent Courtesan)

must depart, bringing back others to this wonderful place.  I now have a stash of fairies and birdies, and who knows what else I may aquire, but I must hurry. I'll be back, because satisfaction well you know the tale.

My Lamps! and Bottles...

*UI* Birds in a Bottle ULTRA RARE   &   Decadent Courtesan
                                                             Celtic Moon Lantern ALL ULTRARARE

30L Winter is Coming ~
Style Card: 
Skin:         [HUSH] Lily - Seduce - Ravish (mb)
Shape:      My Own
Brow:       [Hush] Lily - Brow Shape
Hair:         [e] Thrive - Essentials Collection - Black
Antlers:        My Dear Deer Antlers Lovely Winter Rare (OrsiniSun- 30L Winter is Coming)
Eyes:        My own setting within  - FATEeyes v2.0
Dress:      Irina Shawl S Burgundy (LUAS - 30L Winter is Coming)
                     whatz underlock black 01(Whatz - 30L Winter is Coming)
Shoes:         ~*SR*~ Santas Little Helper Shoes (Sweet Revolutions - 30L Winter is Coming)
Choker:    Kitty Girl Collar (Commissioned by the Man behind me, for me)
Pose:        KaTink HotBox

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