Friday, July 11, 2014

The Nexus Event - A whole Avatar and a Whole Story! July 7th - 21st

So, in making this outfit, I was thinking of a story.  It doesn't matter what  genre your rping in, their is always someone somewhere that would like something more.

So we start with Lucie the Robot... and her AI dream.

My Normals:

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual Slink @ Marketplace
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S - Flat

*GFD~Skin* CyberDrone Ghostly

c( TC ) Simple SciFi Skybox

First two Pictures from Nexus Event
[ LNS ] - LaNoir Soleil Designs -[LNS Designs]   EVE  SEVEN GYNOID  AVATAR

Last Pictures from Nexus Event
"Hair" -  Spyralle Cyber Halo 0401 
Mask- ~Chimeric Fashions~ Molten Cyborg (Blue)
Earrings - Luminary Nexus Earrings - Silver
Foresight - Bionic Eye (Galactic) - Left RARE
Nova Nails - Slink Avatar Enhancement (Fingernails) - 01101110
Nova Nails - Slink Avatar Enhancement (ToeNails) - 01101110
Outfit - .Second Rituelle. StormTroopah S
[Fetch] Fracking Sandal (flat foot) - Silver LEFT (unrigged)
[ LNS ] - LaNoir Soleil Designs - [LNS] CRUX - BRACELET - L (blue)
M&M Incorporated - Raquel Bolero - Black (L)

Room Decor all from the Nexus Event

Kitty Moon - KM Curtain FatPack Twinkle wBar no script
.mien. [ icos ]
Frogstar - Orionis Audio System (Seaside)
.ginchi. Crash Boot (black) -right-  S
.ginchi. Crash Helmet