Thursday, October 1, 2015

Saying Goodbye to Mori

Mori was the third or fourth person I met on second life.  She was bubbly and beautiful in every way imaginable.  When I got to hear her voice all I could do was giggle.  She had the cutest southern accent. Mori introduced me to the world of creating on SL and no matter how bad things got to me she was always there.  Mori found out she had cancer a few years ago, but she wasn't going to let things beat her, and when I found out I had Cancer she reminded me to live for today when she found out I had leukemia. I think she was more concerned about me than about herself.  Mori was a special person who touched my life in All my lives. I wasn't sure why I had not heard from her, but this impossibility of even staying connected on Second Life has been a horrid issue and I wasn't able to notice she had not been around.

MorighanStormcrow Fairey

Two hours ago, her hubby had to make the horrid decision to turn off life support.  As she travels to Summerland, all I can say is that a beautiful light on earth has been diminished.. However, Summerland receives that light and heart, till the day we meet again. Here or on the next, Mori, we shall meet again.

Your Bast Always,

- Kitty

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