Tuesday, July 31, 2018

More on the way!!

So for those of you that don't know, I took the plunge and reopened my store.  It has a new look, a new setting, a new name, and for the most part all mine. I'm working with Kitten an upcoming texture queen, and a couple of close friends.  Eventually, the building will go. I prefer the wild and free.

I have made some wonderful friends and met some awesome people. I hope that somewhere along the lines things sell and I am apart of a lot of specials groups.

I've also been invited to continue the Uncharted event, I will be a sponsor in September. I have been invited to the Infinity event. Trending Event.

I'm in the skulls n bones hunt. Also now an official part of  Frisky Fridays, and Thrift Thursdays! I am in 2 more but I don't want to throw all this on you, all at once.

Keep those fingers crossed, I have some beautiful things on the way.

Here is another look for you.

Moon Circlet, Necklace, and Arm Bands.

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