Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My last Fantasy Gacha Carnival post, well at least this round. Oh and a sneak peak from DC.

As the Fantasy Gacha Carnival comes to it's fruitful end, so have a few other things we have done.  I must express that I am also giving a little homage and thank you to new friends. One is to Niccii Nitely and Melkor Akros. Without them, this fair would simply not be the same and I am honored to call them friends as well now. 

I want to thank Manna Stoneshield. She was the first to blog my staffs, and simply has been an inspiration for me.  We are hoping to re do our second floor of our store and have a beautiful gallery of all the pictures that were taken by some of the most awesome bloggers I have ever met.  Thank you, you all were endearing and encouraging.

I also want to mention a few new friends I have made, Titania of Whatz, Azlyn of Yasum. Which as you will see is apart of this post.  The encouragement of these two ladies is OMG A fangasm.

I want to mention a certain designer, who like Rivey and I worked very hard back in the petite frenzy, She never had a bad word to say and has always been positive. It was a delight to talk again in chat, Helena Stringer of The Stringer Mausoleum.  "I remember you!!"

Last but not least, I want to thank my sister of my heart, Riven, and My partner Artur. They have always encouraged me, and given me their straight opinions  It's helped me grow and want to do more.

I wanted to bring a few more pics, before I closed this train of thought. 

Here is the sneak preview of the Next Castle in Rivey's series. Almost all of her builds come also in a petite size.  This castle is under 400LI. It has fireplaces, a court yard, a kitchen, and even a dungeon. It has secret rooms and I will stop there.

Where:    Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Location: Second Life
SURL:     http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Acerbus%20Silva/29/144/24
Parcel Rating: Adult
All of these pieces which now make my outside pet shower are from TIAR.
tiar mesh bath plant                 ( TIAR - Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Mesh pelt 20 texture normal      ( TIAR - Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
mesh hang up normal                ( TIAR - Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
mesh tabel normal                    ( TIAR - Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
tiar slave shower normal           ( TIAR - Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Style Card: 
Skin:         [HUSH] Lily - Ravish - Honey (mb)
Shape:      My Own
Brow:       [Hush] Lily - Brow Shape
Hair:        [e] Abbey - Essentials Collection Black 04
Eyes:        My own setting within  - FATEeyes v2.0
Dress:       Whatz deena black 01 
Boots:             Yasum*MESH*Nicci's Steam Boots*GACHA*
                                                  (Yasum - Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Sleeves:          Yasum*MESH*Nicci's Steam Sleeves*GACHA*
                                                  (Yasum - Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
                                                  (Yasum - Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Collar:       TMIRubyronLegacy - RARE
                         ( Decadent Courtesan - Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

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