Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival - Oct 1 - Oct 31 Artist: .la petite morte. Songfeather Designs

So, I forget... but I hope to have made a little of it up.  I have several afflictions in second life, maybe even a shadow of my RL. 
  1. Boots. 
  2. I can't seem to get enough hair styles.
  3. I have a thing for masks.
  4. Dresses
  5. Photos, and I personally think this pic is Hot.  
Sometime the surprises unseen are the ones worth looking for.  

Where:    Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Location: Second Life
Parcel Rating: Adult

Style Card: 
Skin:         [HUSH] Lily - Ravish - Honey (mb)
Shape:      My Own
Brow:       [Hush] Lily - Brow Shape
Hair:        [e] Abbey - Essentials Collection Black 04
Eyes:       .la petite morte. intensity eyes-suns 
                         (la petite morte - Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Mask:      *SongF* Horned Mask Shiny gold 
                         ( Songfeather Designs- Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Collar:       001TMGoldEmeraldLegacy - RARE
                         ( Decadent Courtesan - Fantasy Gacha Carnival)


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