Monday, December 16, 2013

A toast to One of My Mentors, Ms. Emedea Morgenstern of Rag Dollz

Nope, still not idle, however, I must explain, if only for my sanity why my blog posts are occasionally strained and not weekly.

When I am not creating and am able to be online, I double up as a Manager and trainer of hostesses for Rag Dollz, and do my best to make a biweekly, if not weekly post to her blog.  For those of you who don't know what is Rag Dollz, I will explain.  Granted, I am almost certain you may have heard mention of the shop in your endeavors. As the store and region has also been nominated in the AVI Choice event for Best Shopping Area and Best Menswear! I do want to take a moment and thank all who sent in nominations for us!

Ms. Emedea Morgenstern has been one of SL's pioneers of Historical Rp clothing, since 2008. First specializing in Historical, Victorian, and Steampunk clothing, but not exclusive to those genres. She also does Hollywood, lola/dollie, gothic, medieval, and a few I am probably forgetting.

She now has a group with over 10,000 consistent patrons. How many of us grab a group link and after getting what we want simply leave.  Yet, Ms. Eme's numbers do not fluctuate.  She owns a sim as well and still numbers don't flux.   She tries to also keep events going on the island, for her patrons and her renters.

How does she do it? Ms. Eme, first and foremost loves her community. Second and most important is that everything she makes is filled with fun and love.  She doesn't follow any particular trend, she listens, and reads, to see if what is out there is viable to the moment, and rarely do you find anything over 300L in the store. Also as she creates new things, she tends to give the first of these new creations on her Mania Boards. One for the group and one for the public. If she is on a roll and your not following her group, you can easily miss a new release.

She does not solely do Mesh or Sculpts either. Some of the beautiful skirts in the Rp repertoire are not yet capable to have the flair needed to be solely Mesh. However and I emphasize, she simply is her own best judgement on what she wants to put out.  Not following the pack per se makes her that much more unique.

So, why me blogging about her suddenly, because I hadn't and well, Ms. Eme and Rag Dollz is where I got my personal start. I worked with her before I had my business. She saw a blooming artist in me and has always been my encouragement when I was ready to quit.  Now well, I'm still with her, I do my best to take care of the floor, so she can be free to create, though she is involved in every aspect of her shop.  She still trains even, ultimately though, Ms. Eme is a very caring person and great person to work for.

Here are a few examples just this week of what she is giving on her boards.

Just to show you a few of her past offerings:

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