Thursday, December 5, 2013

So, I was not idle!

My lack of a post may have you all wondering. Well when not in the ER, I and I am awake, I am working. However, that nasty place that the call the Hospital first kept me for a week, then I don't know. In short, that is the cause of the decline.

Well my sister beat me to the punch with these next two sitters with multiple sits and colors.  And a sled that moves and comes in a multitude of colors. I'll place her ads over in the DC blog, later this evening.

If you can't wait, take the SURL Limo and go left these offerings are ready and packed to go.

I finally finished and given and soon will place this next gift under our trees, in appropriate places. A snow globe series I just finished working on. One is a gift, the other two in a multitude of colors with UltraRares with all the colors available.
You'll see more about is in the Decadent Courtesan blog, but for the moment I will show you this sneak peak which includes my new signature.

All Three of the Rivens designs are currently available at our Main Store. The Preview just above this will be available this evening. All in the Gacha Room of Decadent Courtesan.  When you land go left.

A Proper ad will follow on the aka: blog.


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