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Deviance, BananaN, Zyn ~ , Nantra Poses, *May's Soul*, Whatz, RO, ~The Library~, Primus, [Keystone],*{Junbug}*, .:EMO-tions:., Decadent Courtesan, Sweet Poison, RVi

So in 2 hours the FGC - Fantasy Gacha Carnival will begin. I've realized that I have neglected my own creations while drowning in the most beautiful creations I have seen to date. So here are a few more full outfits made mostly from the FGC items. I enjoyed taking these pictures and visiting new places. So again, for me, Hush Oliva Skin Cream skin, Slink elegant hands, and Slink med feet. Fate eyes of my own uniqueness and well my personal shape that I rarely change out of.

Thinking of Fantasy....

Amacci          - Hair Kathleen ~ Warm Red
Whatz            - Dalida M (FGC)
Sweet Poison - Chunky Cuff (Left) Full
Sweet Poison - Chunky Cuff (Right) Full

The Demon cannot seduce the Naga
 Nantra Pose Love Bites Rare 2 - (FGC)

(RVi) Decorative Castle Wall-arch - Coat Of Arms - Lion (box)

*May's Soul* Naga Princess bloggers(FGC)
                         Halo gold RARE
                         trident gold ULTRARARE
Dress       - DC Decadent Courtesan - Longest Night Female - Red(FGC)
Anklet      - Gacha rare BananaN Bottles of Gwenc'hlan. Shrooms RARE(FGC)
Necklace - Zyn ~ Rusted Winged Dagger  Amulet(FGC)
Shoes       - Deviance - Milady's Slipper - Ruby(FGC)

Horns - DC Rivendale - Common: Black Snowflake Horns(FGC)
Outfit - Decadent Courtesan - DC Longest Night Outfit Male Red(FGC)
Crown - RO Royal Court Sanguien(FGC)
Skin - prodigal - Sho medium circle
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Sebastian Mesh Hair - Blacks Pack
Shoes - V Twins Bootleggerz - Mojave Collection Black

The Horns of Winter ring Ni

Hair:   ::Exile:: American Woman:Cranberry

~The Library~ Skadi Headdress-Winter(FGC)
~The Library~ Skadi Cloak-Silver(FGC)
~The Library~ Skadi Dress M-Silver(FGC)
Primus.X Raid Horn White (female) (silver)(FGC)
Deviance - Milady's Slipper L (Dark Glass Slipper) RARE(FGC)
Deviance - Milady's Slipper R (Dark Glass Slipper) RARE(FGC)

Tameless - Guinevere - Dark Red

[Keystone]  Bru'ella headpiece  - Gold / Rare /(FGC)
[Keystone] Ioanna's BeltSkirt - Black x Gold - ULTRA RARE(FGC)

To light a candle for our ancestors for love

(RVi) Renaissance Wall Decor w/ Art Sconce - La Bella

.:EMO-tions:. * LEGOLAN * HAIR-large black special(FGC)
*{Junbug}* M'lady Fur Kirtle in Rich ULTRA RARE -(FGC)
*{JB}* Mini Hoodie Cape in Fur M(FGC)

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is so close, due to begin February 1st, 2013 and will run until February 28th.  The list of designers, is insane, 7 pages worth!  Here is the website.  

FGC GROUP secondlife:///app/group/b3f88b1f-bf87-7764-9c04-80beb6ff07e0/about

~ Kitty Bloodmoon !

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