Thursday, February 6, 2014

A tale of Forbidden Love.... Decadent Courtesan, Rivendale, Gor Girls, Calico, Sweet Pea, and RVI

This is a tale, of forbidden love.
She wore his love upon her head and when they met time was not on their side. Rushed and out of breath, here is the tale before they walked to the other side. In the world of the fae, where time and space would be for them, and forever banned to return to earth.

 So they came for love, love forbidden
regrets came over the girl to do this would draw a line
She looked up in hope the heart thumping in the night
and so did he, as he smiled his love was their
But their they stood and gave their vows

This beautiful arch was created by RVI

Male Hair                 Wasabipills - sebastian mesh hair
The male clothing is   Decadent Courtesan - DC Longest Night Outfit Male Green  (FGC)
The horns are            Rivendale -Common:Green Banded Horns                            (FGC)

Female Hair               *Calico* Elisa - Reds                                                                                   We <3 Rp 
Head Band                        Sweet Pea ::SP:: Nitestar [Ultra Rare Love]                                      (FGC)           
 Skirt and Tunic               Gor Girls            Gor Goes Stark BLACK RARE                                       (FGC)
                                               <G.G> ~ Black Stark Skirt
                                              <G.G> ~ Black Stark Tunic          

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