Thursday, January 16, 2014

EEp, I am such a bad girl, but I hope I can make a few Brownie points with Tiar and Aii and their offerings to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

I am so sorry, it has taken me so long to get rolling on this blog. However, here I am out and ready a go go.

I present to you this morning, a beautiful set of furniture from Tiar. The amount of sits and lays in every item and the prim count, OMG, the prim count is 12 not for one piece the entire set.  The throne, the sofa, the chair and the bed, 12 LI and did I mention the bed has a hud to change color!! Fantasy Gacha Carnival has so amazed me, I am in wow mode, and I hope you will be to.

Also you will find a little critter on my arm.  This is from Designer Aii.  Fantastic person, and this cutie is a common!!! Oh and this little critter is animated! yes! It's called a Muse! a Muse!

So, as you all know I like stories with my pictures. Within them you will see, a very special person that has recently come into the Bloodmoon family. She is a little camera shy, but never the less she belongs to my Partner and has become my Companion, our Lil diamond .

To celebrate this I took the following sets of pics. I do hope you enjoy!

OOooo and I almost forgot, I am in an updated skin, with Slink hands and Slink feet!

Hair:                    Wild At Heart Dark Reds            by: Exile
Choker:               DC Victorian Pride                      by: Decadent Courtesan (not available at this time)
Critter:                 UltraViolet Muse Common          by: Aii (Fantasy Gacha Carnival - Feb 1st)
Skin N Makeup:  Hush Olivia Cream                       by: Hush
Shape:                 My own
Nails:                   Original Slink Nails
Castle in Background is a sneak peak into the world of Decadent Courtesan  Artist Rivendale.

Dress:                 Longest Night Female Black Rare   by: Decadent Courtesan (Fantasy Gacha Carnival - Feb 1st)
Throne, Sofa, Seat, and Bed:                                   by: Tiar (Fantasy Gacha Carnival - Feb 1st)  
Critter:                 UltraViolet Muse Common          by: Aii (Fantasy Gacha Carnival - Feb 1st)
Fantasy Gacha Carnival 
February 1st.

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is so close, due to begin February 1st, 2014 and will run until February 28th.  The list of designers, is insane, 4 pages worth!  Here is the website.  

FGC GROUP secondlife:///app/group/b3f88b1f-bf87-7764-9c04-80beb6ff07e0/about

~ Kitty Bloodmoon !

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