Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More Events, I am going to loose my mind! Gatcha til the BittR.end, Genre, and The Comic Fashion Fair

Ok, So my head is spinning with events, these three are just opened. Each outfit coming from each event, minus a pair of boots and of course hair.

So let me waste no time, and give you a taste of what's at each fair.

Event: Gatcha til the BittR.end
Location: Gatcha till the Bittr end
Gothic Carnival is the theme, I spent less than 250L and got a complete outfit.
-Minus hair of course.
1. Kitty Gothic

This event came a little sudden to me, when I entered it a rush of emotions came over me. All I could think of was when I use to sing, and sitting with my grandfather for hours watching big bands whenever we could. I use to professionally sing as a hobby because of it. I did not pursue the "big" time because when you're a contra alto, it's harder to sell the voice.  I proceeded to sing in an all girl group in the renaissance, but all that ended with my illness.

Event: Genre
This entire outfit, mic pose stand, and table stuffles all where to buy at the fair. (not table)
Location: Genre
2.Te Quiero Abuelo

This Event was interesting to find out, its all about comics, and in the spirit of Watchmen I took the following classic pictures.
Event: The Comic Fashion Fair
3. American Girl Watchmen

Here are my Normals:
Shape is my own
[HUSH] Olivia - Bronzed - Cream (db) HUSH @ Marketplace
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual Slink @ Marketplace
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S - Mid

1. Kitty Gothic
*Alice Project* Lola - Infinity @ Market Place
KM Backless gown M - Red  Gatcha till the Bittr end
K-Pie Designs: Gothic Choker {Merry Go Round}  Gatcha till the Bittr end
[BH] Neko Gothique Tail--Sassy Carmine  Gatcha till the Bittr end
[BH] Neko Gothique Ears  Gatcha till the Bittr end

{N} Burlesque Brella - Corset Stripe BlackRed  Gatcha till the Bittr end

2.Te Quiero Abuelo
*Alice Project* Lynn - Infinity @ Market Place
C&F Fitmesh Satin Doll Gown - M - Opal Genre
C&F Vintage/Deco Earrings Genre
Eclectica Swing Shoe-Ivory Genre

.mien. {vocals} Genre
KM Simple Table @Kitty Moon 
[LJ] Swing Club Swag - Pink Kitty Club Genre

3. American Girl Watchmen
::Exile:: American Woman: Maraschino Exile @ Marketplace
**SD**4th July stiletto boots (L) 4th of July 2013
DP - Luna - Spiked Corset - Super Hero - Comic Fashion Fair Location
DP - Ramona - Super Hero - M Comic Fashion Fair Location

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