Sunday, February 23, 2014

My beautiful Genie, celebrating the designers Roawenwood, Sweet Poison, RVI design, Niekra's Dreams, Alice Project and Rivendale

Hi all, my postings aren't coming as fast as I want them to. However, and in the interest of why I blog, I need to take a little bit of time in order to do this right.  Blogging for me is a zen I started blogging because I enjoyed taking pictures.  I just didn't understand the world of it, and am so glad I have been accepted into it. I am still a novice per say but I think everytime I put something out, it is a little better, it has a little more to offer.   I create and when I get stumped or need a work through I blog.  I am not trying to impress anyone, I am trying to celebrate all those that came before, and will come after me. Well without going into more and without further pause I present  you with these beautiful offerings, the dangle in my hair that is stunning, the chain belt that fits like a glove, and well just the ensemble as a whole is "va va voom".

This set is dedicated to my Partner, he loves when I dance for him.

Roawenwood     {RW} Perizad Chain Belt in Carnelian - The Fantasy Collective
Sweet Poison     Zeena Hair Dangle                                 - The Fantasy Collective
*Alice Project* Persephone [Head 2] - Infinity               - Persephone @ MarketPlace
Niekra's Dreams Matriarch Outfit:                                -Matriarch Outfit @ Marketplace
                          Matriarch Red - Crossed Top
                          Matriarch Skirt Red - Medium
                          Matriarch Glove Left Red - Medium
                          Matriarch Glove Right Red - Medium

Sweet Poison - TheSultan'sGirl V2-3                                -Sweet Poison SL Main Store

RVI design - (RVi) A Dozen of Red Roses Bouquet           -RVi Design SL Main Store

Rivendale - Sneaky Peak Castle                                         -Coming to a new store location

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