Thursday, February 27, 2014

RFL is back, Goreans in Relay for Life, and their kick off is starting March 8th - to March 15th with LOTS of Awesome Vendors!!

When I came to SL, I wasn't sure what I was looking for, or did I rarely leave the place I regularly Rp'd at. As it were, though, I had a bug to scour SL and my curiosity got the best of me. I met Ubar Athan Ansar and Mistress Kaiila Mahoney at Gorfest 2011.  I went on and on asking about gor and the curiosity of this Kitty, well was pricked.

After a few bad run ins, I accidentally found a mistress, and she became and still is an active part of my life. Before I go to far off the course, I have to say I have met some amazing people. So without further fuss, I ask that you browse the information and pictures and know in the end, you can make a difference no matter what you do.  Maybe not today, Maybe not tomorrow, but you will pass by someone with cancer and a little goes a long long way.

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I was asked the Question why I relay for life?

My love of the Arts was inspired by my grandfather. He was truly the only father I knew.  He instilled in me honor, love, and loyalty above all else. I lost him to pancreatic cancer at the age of 72. 

This means so much to me, the cancer along with medical problems simply ate him alive. I lived through knowing the last thing he saw before the cancer simply took over, was my daughter the day she was born. 

This was not my first encounter with cancer, however, it affected me like nothing else, watching my grandfather widdle and pass on. I can't express how much it kills me that he didn't get to see my daughter and son grow. That today my daughter takes her free time and volunteers in a soup kitchen. She is 13, and has done it for a long while now of her own accord.

I relay to keep his memory alive, I relay because I have found new friends in the same spirit. 
I keep his memories alive, through my art.

"Never let a moment pass you by that you can dedicate in one form or another to love. 

Never let your heart sink past its ability to heal.

When the opportunity arises and its given, grasp it and don't let it go.

Second chances are rare... When given cherish it...

Remember the best things in life are given.."

Thank you for reading this, as we all relay for hope.
☽OKitty Bloodmoon☽O

So come, share, watch, look, and I will be blogging throughout the event. 
 Goreans RFL
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***Place: The Sight for the Kick off... it's a sneaky pic ((shhh))
Wearing: Alice project hair - streaked in purple for the start of RFL
Wearing: Moon Kitty - My personal original mesh collar which will debut at the RFL kick off
Wearing: Sweet Poison - Sasha dress & Sasha Bracers

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