Thursday, February 20, 2014

Roawenwood, OAL, Genre offering, another Sneak Peak of DC and their are so many stores represented in this post, like Evie's Closet, so keep looking!!

I am a fangasm of the stores I blogg. Recently, I became a part of the Roawenwood Family of Bloggers. My SL family was so excited they gave me their time to show off this beautiful set.  Also, because their are new people with me, they were kind enough to give me their spec sheets to credit all these beautiful designers.

Hey I am so very proud of all of them. So from left to right in these pictures. Emmett, Fia, me, and Riven. Yes, Riven is the nutty one with the pointy ears. Emmett couldn't believe the awesome poses for men, though he is sitting on a freakin flower, and his inner 3 year old came out to sit "indian style". Yes, I am rolling my eyes reading this.

4 colors; 19 animations in each for male & female.

What is Emmett Wearing???
Dura Hair
Vanilla C. Designs eyes
DragansVarg outfit
Birth skin
Fruk facial hair
Harbinger & Stormie Designs bow
PFC (Pucca Firecaster Creations) Ottoman gatcha prize

Fia's Outfit:
 Hair: Alice Project
 Ears: Furtropolis
 Tail: Dirty Linx
 Jeans: Dirty Linx
 Shirt: Insanya
 Boots Insanya
 Hair Flower: Artilliri

Riven Outfit:
.ploom. hair, Mina, Blacks wit streaks
Illusions - Sylph Ears
*GA* Mesh Lashes - Mysteria
Evie's Closet Tauriel - Cerulean
HUSH - Mia Skin and Shape - Berry Smoke - Vanilla
R3VOLT [R3] Eevie Boots V2v

Kitty Outfit:
☆ Alice Project ☆ Tyr - Infinity
! !SSD and ~ Mata Hari Jeweled Stiletto ~ Black Leather ®
*OAL* Enelya ~ Silver - Genre Event

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