Sunday, March 2, 2014

Celebrating Rivendale, Ragdollz, and RVidesign... A Sidhe Wish *Muah*

Today I wanted to celebrate a few more wonderful artists, that have given me the ability to continue sharing in their successes and beautiful works of clothing, home and design. Whether, time in talking to me and keeping my head held high. Or simply helping me cope with my RL illness through their compassion. I have become one of several official bloggers for them. I try to post for them as I do events and am simply grateful to show off their talents. A big thank you to Rivendale, Rag Dollz, and RVi design.

This picture is done in our soon to be opened sim of Decadent Courtesan, and the pieces in focus are the group offering of RVi designs Shillelagh in an open and close case and the countdown vendor offering of the outfit I am wearing from Rag Dollz.

Alice Project -  *Alice Project*  Tyr - Infinity                       - Tyr @ MarketPlace
Rag Dollz -       *Rag Dollz* Butterfly Eye Makeup              - Rag Dollz Steampunk Emporium in SL
Rag Dollz -       *Rag Dollz* Celtic Fairy w/lola applier       Rag Dollz Steampunk Emporium in SL
 !!SSD and ~ Mata Hari Jeweled Stiletto ~ Black Leather ®  - !!SSD and ~ Mata Hari
RVI design -      (RVi) Shillelagh Display                              - RVi Design SL Main Store Free Group GIft 
Rivendale -        Riven's Small Greenhouse                         - Rivendale @ Marketplace

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