Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ok, this is my Selfy, with the NOW OPENED COUNTDOWN ROOM. Plus an Intro to the Decadent Courtesan Liaisons.

Ok, this is going to be a selfy. Most of you know me as a CO-Owner of the group Decadent Courtesan.  Decadent Courtesan, is a collective of the artistic people in our SL Family.  We are moving to a half a sim accommodation which will be open to all very very soon. The fantasy pics in the background of my photos is just a taste.

So, I wanted to present to you the Artists of Decadent Courtesan, Golden Sunny Isle.

Rivendale - Owned by Rivey - My Sister, according to my RL mom. Who I have known almost 14 years, now. She is at the moment creating. Wait till you see her offerings woot!

Brass Heart - Owned by Fia - A Sister of our heart, a now Sim Creator and who has shared her passion of creating with us. We have known her for over 3 years. She will be showcasing her work however, she only works on commission.

Bubble Hut - Owned by Caro - Our little Sister of our heart.  Our rainbow of nerdy cuteness.  We have known her for 2 years. She flutters about, a sprite to be sure but she has stayed with us and we are ever honored that she does. She is currently in the event Luck of the Irish 

Monster Ball - Owned by the Blogger of "I fart Sparkles" - ℓүℓ ωιтcн (lylanis) - She has been around a while, but just starting out and well, This family said you stay and start with us.

We have a few other stores out there with wonderful people we bring under our umbrella from time to time. Take a look at our Fantasy Faire Store, some of them join us.

Finally, though I personally own . I've been in Second Life, with my Best Friend and Consort Artur Bloodmoon.
Kitty Moon

So for those of you looking for something new. I have just put out a line of Original Mesh chokers in the Countdown Room. Starting a new line of Zodiac collectables.

However and for the moment the only place this new item will be found is at the Countdown Room, look below and see my offerings.

Once the countdown ends the prices return to normal and you'll have to wait till the opening of Decadent Courtesan to see it again.

 The Countdown Room


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