Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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So again, I must ask my attentive readers for apologies. I am not only a blogger, I do create. I just love blogging and showing off the beautiful things others create.  I also am a person who believes in RFL. So whenever I can slip it in to remind you of this beautiful heart warming cause I will. I will be trying to wear my purple painted hair from Alice Project when ever I can, it is my commitment to RFL 2014.

Tonight I am wanting to show you some of the beautiful work I am wearing, some of it is directly available at the parade ground of the Goreans in Relay for Life Area. No you do not have to be Gorean to enjoy all that is out their. In fact it's very friendly area!!

Then I have a few smalls, that I am wearing that are coming to you in a few awesome events. 

- The Countdown Room, where new releases will be available from Awesome creators for a short time at 50% off regular price until the event, clock counts down. The items WILL be available after the room shuts down at their regular price in their store. (Think, New Release SALE, but for a limited time) Omg!
- The Luck of the Irish Gacha - a Depraved Nation Event


*Alice Project* - Victoria [M] - Infinity
::: Krystal ::: Fine Jewelry - Regal Cross Necklace - Gold - Ethereal Psalm - RARE (We < 3 Rp)
Shi -                   .Shi : Leg harness (LEATHER-FEMME}[Rigged Mesh] Shi Marketplace
A Masters Eye - ::AME:: - Celt Dress RFL - M - Goreans in Relay for Life
Dark Passions -
                           DP - Koffin Nails - Slink Nails HUD - Celtic Twist - Luck of the Irish Gacha
                           DP - Koffin Toes - Slink Nails HUD - Celtic Twist- Luck of the Irish Gacha
[The Forge]    Celtic Bangles - The Countdown Room (link to follow) Starts on the 15th
Kitty Moon     Zodiac Choker with Hud - The Countdown Room (link to follow) Starts on the 15th
Diesel Works Elvira Ottoman (Cerise/Black) Whore Couture Event

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