Monday, May 5, 2014

Something Important to me... my absence and why I Relay For Life.

As you might know, or heard, I am not a person of fine health.  I suffer from Fibromyalgia, and Uncontrolled Diabetes. The pain I suffer from both conditions, make my days sometimes close to unbearable.  Both conditions have assaulted my hands, back, and 90% of the joints in my body and send my natural body functions to very low and dangerous levels. I am a slave to the condition and symptoms, and seem to end up with Hospitalizations on a semi yearly basis. Hence, my normal posting rate has not been kept, and why you have not heard from me till now.

However, their are people far, far worse. People with Cancer. Adults and Children alike.  

Recently, I was asked the question,  Why do I relay for life?

My love of the Arts was inspired by my grandfather. He was the only father I knew.  He instilled in me honor, love, and loyalty above all else. I lost him to pancreatic cancer at the age of 72. I took him to many of his appointments. The cancer along with medical problems, simply ate him alive. I live knowing the last thing he saw before the cancer took his eye sight, and simply took over, was my daughter the day she was born. He described it as a light that was snuffed out.

This was not my first encounter with cancer, however, it affected me like nothing else. Watching my grandfather widdle, blinded, and then pass on.

I relay to keep his memory alive, I relay because I have found new friends in the same spirit. A family in Second Life, I cannot ask for more.

I pray to keep his memories alive, through my art. I share with you a comment he gave me from a quote he use to know.

"Never let a moment pass you by that you can dedicate in one form or another to love.
Never let your heart sink past its ability to heal.
When the opportunity arises and its given, grasp it and don't let it go.
Second chances are rare... When given cherish it...
Remember the best things in life are given.. "

Thank you,

Momma Kitty Moon  

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