Monday, June 9, 2014

Hunny which one should I choose? Please pretty Please?

So, I hope you aren't disappointed for my delay in writing. I like to post at minimum once a week, however RL has been a royal pain, being more than a little ill, hopefully this will settle out.

Yet, let me not get ahead of myself. I have just update all my creator logos, but as soon as I unveil my new blog there will also be a pages within it, to showcase my personal/business blog.

I am very proud today to show off a beautiful collection of Urban Rp wear.  It's not as recognized because most of the clothing could be day to day wear.  However, It can be used in so many other genre.  Such as the vampires of the Brotherhood. Or even just any contemporary Rp.

Everything in this picture except for the the heels, inner outfit, makeup are from the Pre-Release Gatcha Garden.

Hunny which one should I choose? Please pretty Please?

Here are my Normals:
Shape is my own
[HUSH] Olivia - Bronzed - Cream (db) HUSH @ Marketplace
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual Slink @ Marketplace
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S - Mid

Dirty.Little.Secret - hair, 50L per play
- Eden Moon - shoes, 49L per play
- Kitty Moon – choker, 50L per play
- Pomposity – necklace, 50L per play
- Serenity Style – ottoman, 55L per play
- WillowZ Wild – hats, 99L per play
- ZoZ – nail polish, 37L per play

-.Oh!Liv. MAKEUP *Misaki* Blood
-{C.C.M.} Black Cat Eyeliners - Thick

Found at the Thrift Shop
-Heartistic <3 RARE the Whole Burgher~ Bracelet
-Heartistic <3 Strap em' Down Rockabilly~ Heels

Found at the crazy-cart-sale
.:LG :.  [SUMMER WAVES] TOP M white
.:LG :.  [LEATHER HOTTIES] M white - shorts

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