Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Second Life 11th Anniversary Birthday - SL11B

I was brought here by my SL partner, and some of this is history if you really want to know, you can read somewhere back in the archives.  

Now though, I get to share with you a beautiful celebration and some of its visuals, though none of it was as enduring as actually being their.  If you don't know about it, here is the reason you should go to SL11B. It's beautiful and breathtaking.  There is nothing on sale here. If there's anything it's these wonderful designers giving gifts to you. There's also a beautiful Hunt going on. Even pod cars that will tell you what's going on, and give explanations of  the different beautiful and awe inspiring builds. Heck, my SL partner and I may have even found a new Rp spot. Truly you should not miss this opportunity.

Quoting a little of the press release:

The event with all performances will run from 22. June to 29. June 2014.

23. June 2014 its the actual birthday.

From 29. June until 6. July 2014 the sims remain open only without live music performances.

The Landmarks to the exhibitor Parcels you will find below.
There are 243 exhibitors.  Here is a sample: come take a look ~ pictures do not do it justice.

The hunt will take place all over the eleven regions of the SL11B Community Celebration. This hunt is so BIG that there will be FOUR hunt paths… North, South, East, and West. And what a great way to see the celebration! 

Participating exhibitors will be showing the SL11BIG Hunt sign and will have a cool gift for you to pick up. 

When you visit the celebration, look for the hunt signs. Then look around the participating exhibit for a gift box, with a cool FREE prize inside. 

Collect them all! See the sights! Bloat your inventory! 


Northern Trail:

Southern Trail:

Eastern Trail:

Western Trail:

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